GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Officials in Pitt and Lenoir counties have set up voucher and coin systems allowing people on WIC or SNAP to get fresh produce at their local farmers’ markets.

“Pitt County, especially in some of the outskirts of town, we’re noticing that there are more and more lack of grocery stores just like overall food in general,” Pitt County Nutrition Program Director Elizabeth Milton said.

In Lenoir County, the Co-Op Extension uses fresh bucks at their farmer’s market, which was started three years ago.

“The fresh bucks are where you can match $20. If you put $20 in on your EBT card, we give you $20 worth of fresh bucks, which is a wooden coin,” Lenoir County Extension Director Dr. Tammy Kelly said. “All the wooden coins are $1.”

Pitt County Public Health was recently approved to issue $30 paper vouchers to get fresh produce from Leroy James Farmer’s Market. These vouchers are given out to residents from May through September.

“They are paper, they are not on the cards, so they are the old school paper vouchers,” Milton added.