United Way presents check to church devastated by storm


The United Way of Onslow County has distributed over $230K to Hurricane Florence disaster relief efforts.

The organization presented $5K of those funds to the Sandy Run Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville.

“To be able to be here and help people that are in need is a blessing in its own. It’s so rewarding to be able to actually help people rather than being oblivious to what’s actually going on out in our community,” Tia Feller said.

Tia Feller is the disaster relief administrator for the United Way of Onslow County. She says the past few months have opened her eyes to the needs of Onslow County residents when it comes to Hurricane Florence recovery. One of the buildings that took a hard hit was the Sandy Run Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville.

“They lost everything,” Raquel Painter, President of United Way of Onslow County, said. “The roof came off, there was a lot of damage inside. So now they are in a rebuilding process for the parish. So what we wanted to do is make sure we help them, since they are such a vital part of our community.” 

Bobby Wells, Trustee Secretary for Sany Run, said there is a lot of work that needs to be done before the new church can be built.

“As you see right here we are just trying to keep the groundwork up and let them know that we still exist,” Wells said. “It’s coming. The new church is coming soon.”

Wells said the church is hoping to have a groundbreaking for the new structure by the end of this year.

“We’re looking forward to building, and when United Way came through, it was just joy boy the grace of God. We thank them for that, so kindly,” Wells said.


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