Uptown Greenville is celebrating its 5th year of the “State of the District’. The event highlights the strengths and improvements that the city is moving toward. 

Business, Government and Community leaders were all on hand to discuss the pros and cons of Uptown Greenville. 

New district initiatives were presented to the sold-out crowd. 

Mayor P.J. Connelly handed out 3 awards including the ‘People’s Choice Award’, ‘Public Project of the Year’ and the ‘Visionary Award’. 

This year’s theme is ‘Creative Placemaking in Greenville’.

Moments of applause filled the ballroom of the Martinsborough due to the investment in creating opportunities for the city. 

Juanita Hardy is a creative placing consultant and this year’s keynote speaker. 

“In Greenville, you can see a growing population and tourism,” said Hardy. “Tourism has grown by 23 percent and there’s a lot of industry including pharmaceutical and biotech.”

There’s a lot of positivity moving forward; but with growth, there’s always room for improvement. 

Bianca Shoneman is Uptown Greenville’s President and C.E.O. 

“This is a time for us to come together and reflect on all the good things that are happening in our central business district,” said Shoneman. 

Business and residential growth is the focus. 

This past year, a for-sale townhome investment created housing opportunities. 

“It is a beautiful addition to the tax-base and diversification of our housing stock within the uptown district,” said Shoneman. “Our city continues to make strides to be in position to take big leaps in the future.” 

Uptown Greenville is still brainstorming ways to improve.