For the second year, the program “Veteran To Scholar” has come to ECU. The program is trying to make the process of transitioning from the battlefield to the classroom smoother for veteran students.

“A big focus of this program is orientation, the writing center, the student success center, the library, counseling availability – making sure they know everything that is there to make their way forward,” said program director, Dr. Anna Frula. 

The goal of the program is simple: help veteran’s succeed at ECU.

The group of veteran students work on writing skills and learn how to get the most out of the classroom. They also use movies, videos, and books to spark conversation among the group. 

“Coming to this class has really helped me a lot develop my own voice, if you will, and helps me break out the shell I had originally forced myself into transitioning from the military to the college life,” said veteran student Joseph Ratte. 

Not only is this program an effort to strengthen the relationship between veteran and veteran, but it’s also an effort to bridge the gap between veteran and civilian.

“We have had a lot of fruitful discussions about what are civilians responsibility, how much are we suppose to learn about the wars that we are still in,” Frula said.