Vidant Medical Center holds mental health awareness expo


Vidant Health is spreading awareness of the importance of mental health treatment with their annual expo. 

This year’s expo featured more than 50 organizations.

Today’s organizers answered questions and provided information about local mental health and substance abuse resources. 

Vidant hopes the expo will help people not feel discouraged to seek help for mental illnesses.

“Some patients may not realize that some of their symptoms like poor sleep or low energy or lack of appetite may actually be a psychiatric diagnosis and by getting psychiatric expert help or a clinical exam it may be able to get that patient to right type of provider,” said Nathan Harper, Vidant Medical Center Psychiatrist. 

Mayor P.J. Connelly has designated May as Mental Health Awareness Month in Greenville.

“Its important to get the message out so people understand that it does affect a significant amount of people throughout our community and its also important for them to know that the resources are available from different organizations so I think its great for them to all be here at the same location and for citizens to be able to access them,” Connelly said.

He said mental health awareness is an important issue for the city and they are looking for ways to address it.  


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