Wayne County Sheriff’s Office releases new video of woman, deputy fair fight


WAYNE COUNTY, N.C. (WNCN) — The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is releasing new video footage of an altercation between a deputy and a woman that took place last weekend at the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair. 

In a video sent to our sister station CBS 17, two people are seen being escorted out of the fair.

A woman tries to free herself when one of the deputies punches her. She swings back as others get involved to separate the two.

“It’s crazy. It’s a lot,” said Tziah Kelly, the woman in the video.

 Kelly said she was at the fair with her brother when he got into a confrontation with someone. Deputies came over soon after.

“The sheriff comes over and I’m like, ‘Why are you grabbing him like that?’ and he’s like, ‘We can grab you too;’ that’s when he grabbed me.”

Kelly says the deputy then soon hit her.

“I’ve been having headaches ever since I’ve been hit,” said Kelly. 

On Thursday, the Sheriff’s Office shared its version of the story. They released more videos from that night, showing unrelated fights from earlier and how other people were peacefully escorted out. 

“It shows the things deputies responded to nightly and this particular night,” said Deputy Mike Smith.

They also played video leading up to the confrontation with Kelly. They said it shows she grabbed a deputy from behind multiple times before he escorted her out.

As for the moment where it appears Kelly’s punched, the Sheriff’s Office says the deputy used an open-hand technique to grab her and get control of her.

“Is there any chance he grabbed you with an open hand?” CBS 17 asked Kelly.

“No, I had a whole knot in my head,” she answered.

The Sheriff’s Office said the deputy had used de-escalation methods up to that point.

“The real sad part from my perspective is we as a society have set the bar so low for what we expect from our youth today,” said Sheriff Larry Pierce. “In my teenage years, it was unheard of to be disrespectful to our teachers, our preachers, our parents and certainly to our law enforcement officers. “

Kelly’s family is calling for the deputy to be fired.

“It happened to her and I don’t want it to happen to nobody else because it could be worse,” said her mother Lateryka Sanders.

The deputy is on administrative work as the sheriff’s office investigates the incident.

There is no body camera footage of the incident. 

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office says the woman still faces charges for refusing to leave the fair.


The sheriff’s office is investigating an incident at the Wayne County fair.

In a video sent to our sister station, WNCN, two people are seen being escorted out of the fair. A woman tries to free herself when one of the deputies punches her. She swings back as others get involved to separate the two.

The woman is charged with refusing to leave the fair.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office sent the following statement:

On Saturday evening, October 5th, 2019, an altercation occurred between a Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy and a suspect. The suspect was being escorted from the Wayne county Fair after the suspect had caused problems with other fair patrons.

As the deputy and the suspect approached the exit gate, the suspect snatched away from the deputy, cursed at the deputy and began to struggle, resist and fight the deputy. The deputy along with two other deputies in the area gained control of the suspect. The suspect was charged after refusing to leave the premises.

The altercation was recorded by a person near the exit gate and a complaint concerning the incident has been filed. The complaint is being reviewed by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Professional Standards division.

No other information was available.

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