We’re hearing for the first time from the wife of the late Walter B. Jones Junior as things start to heat up in the race for the NC District 3 Seat in Congress.

Doctor Greg Murphy is in a runoff with Doctor Joan Perry.

Joe Anne Jones held a news conference with Dr. Perry Thursday so she could “clear some things up.”

Mrs. Jones says she’s not endorsing anyone, she said she wanted to clear up who her husband endorsed.

She said she got really upset when she read an article in the paper suggesting Doctor Greg Murphy said Walter B. Jones endorsed him.

Mrs. Jones said Thursday that her husband did not endorse anyone in the District 3 race.

She said he didn’t believe in endorsing anyone until after the primary.

As we know, the second primary between Perry and Murphy is coming up next month.

Joe Anne Jones said, “In the 53 years that Walter and I were together, I didn’t put words into his mouth and he didn’t put words into mine and I’m not going to allow anyone to do that when he isn’t here to speak for himself.”

Mrs. Jones also said she wanted to make it clear that she wasn’t pressured to speak, she called Doctor Perry and asked to clear the air and even though she isn’t endorsing anyone, she says she considers Joan Perry to be a friend and she likes what she stands for and believes her values and faith align with her late husbands.

She added that Doctor Greg Murphy was Walter’s surgeon and she will always be grateful to him for saving his life but she said this is politics and she just wanted to set the record straight.

Joe Anne said since her husband passed, she’s been in good spirits for the most part because Walter Jones was in Washington 5 days a week so she was used to him being gone.

She says it’s the weekends that are hard for her.