WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Programs like 4-H allow kids to join clubs and experience a variety of activities with their peers.

Clubs get to focus on topics like agriculture, cooking, sewing and more. There are plenty of ways for kids to get involved and learn new things.

Extension agents in different area counties are encouraging families to get in contact with them to determine what clubs and activities kids can benefit from in the coming season.

“A 4-H club is the most traditional way that you can get involved in 4-H and they focus on citizenship, leadership and community service. And 4-H clubs are volunteer-led groups of children and really it is the most impactful thing that a child can do in 4-H,” said Beaufort County 4-H Extension Agent Chasady Wudkywych.

Enrollment for 4-H is open year-round but it could be beneficial for some 4-Hers to register now for the 2023-2024 season as they prepare for activities.

Wudkywych said that Beaufort County has six different clubs. Five of those clubs are more traditional in that they offer club meetings and members get involved with many different topics over the course of the 4-H year. The sixth club focuses on shooting sports.

“Fall is when our 4-H clubs traditionally start back, if they took a break for the summer,” Wudkywych said. “Then we’re kind of gearing up for our livestock show that happens in the spring. For livestock shows, kids can show a goat or lamb or a hog. And then chicken and bunny shows traditionally are in May,” said Wudkywych.

She said that schools have been collaborating with 4-H to bring agriculture to their classrooms as well.

“I do stuff with schools during the school year. So I do a lot with vermicomposting,” Wudkywych said. “So I go in the classrooms and get classrooms started with their own vermicomposting bin. I had a classroom do embryology last year where they raised chicken eggs and duck eggs. One class raised a goose egg.”