WASHINGTON, N.C. — The Louise R. Lester Foundation Library at Beaufort County Community College continues its History, Mystery, and Art Community Voices series, with the second event taking place on October 27.

Presentations feature local talent or focus on little-known events/ideas from BCCC’s service area, offering insight and intrigue for those in attendance. All presentations start at 6:30 p.m.

In the second presentation of the series, Tom Grubb, art professor, sea captain, and artist, will present “Mystery of Art”. All attendees will receive a complimentary art print of Flights of Discovery.

In his lecture, Grubb will introduce the audience to the world of art and artists. Where do artists get their ideas? He believes that through teaching Art Appreciation, one can instill a curiosity about the world of art, and how artists create their masterworks. Grubb believes that the arts and sciences are closely connected to the health of the human spirit. He creates these works of art that are part ancient, part futuristic, and part spiritual to inspire the viewer to consider the unlimited possibilities of exploring earth and the universe.

In his sculptures and star charts, Grubb combines elements found in physics, astronomy, navigation, and sacred geometry to create his works of art.  In his artwork, he illustrates that through seeking the unknown one can grow and develop as a human being on planet earth.

The series continues on November 17, with music professor Christopher Campbell and “Music and Mystery”.

The Community Voices series answers the call of both the academic and public library mission: to advance knowledge and inspire life-long learning for students and the community. The program serves as a bridge connecting the college community, with the community at large, building engagement and interaction with businesses and people and offering exposure to the library and college.