WASHINGTON, N.C. — Beaufort County Community College (BCCC) congratulates Tracey Johnson on becoming the 106th president of the North Carolina Association on County Commissioners (NCACC). Johnson is the first president from Washington County, where she serves as chair of the board of commissioners. She first joined the Washington County Board of Commissioners in 2006.

The NCACC is the official voice of all 100 counties on issues considered by the General Assembly, Congress and federal and state agencies. The Association provides expertise to counties in the areas of advocacy, research, risk management and education and leadership training.

Johnson served at BCCC most recently as assistant to the director of campus operations. She began working at the college in 1995, retiring in July 2022.

Johnson was instrumental in merging educational services for Washington County under the jurisdiction of BCCC. Previously, the services had been split between two community colleges. The merger helped revive a vacant building in Roper into the Washington County Center, where the college is currently running an emergency medical technician course, among others.

She has made broadband internet access the cornerstone of her campaign. Currently, only 73 percent of North Carolina households have high-speed internet subscriptions. Other households lack access either because of affordability or lack of infrastructure. These factors tend to affect rural areas more frequently, creating a digital divide that hinders residents’ participation in education, healthcare, and/or the economy.

Dr. Dave Loope, BCCC president, supports the Fiber Broadband Association’s Rural Broadband as a consultant on rural higher education. He noted that “Ms. Johnson’s focus on expanding broadband access is perhaps the most important work she can perform as NCACC president. He added, “We’re extremely proud of her accomplishments at the college in our region and statewide.”