WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Beaufort County’s Police Force Committee is continuing discussions about bringing in a county law enforcement agency.

Rep. Keith Kidwell, a Republican who serves District 79 — including Beaufort County — is joining the conversation to clear the air. He said there is misinformation coming from both the county commissioners and the sheriff’s office on how he feels about the current situation. That’s why he said he will be at the next county commissioner’s meeting and will address his other concerns regarding law enforcement options in the county.

The group met March 25 and there was a lot of discussion concerning the task force and the future of school resource officers in Beaufort County.

“My other concern is the constitutionality of the sheriff’s office, and not the sheriff himself, the office of the sheriff,” Kidwell said. “That is a line of protection that I don’t think we should lose, and I will be addressing that in great detail at the meeting (on April 5).”

Kidwell encourages people who have any concerns to join the meeting. There is limited seating due to COVID-19 safety measures which will be carried out at the meeting.