WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Construction on Washington’s new police station will take up to a month longer than anticipated.

Contractors working on the Washington Police Department’s future home at the corner of Bridge and Second streets have submitted to city officials a change order for additional costs and an extension of the contract length.

The change order submitted by Moseley Architects includes $33,191 in additional costs.

A memo from Public Works Director Adam Waters to City Council said several changes to the project prompted the adjustments.

“Most significant is the removal of unsuitable soil and select fill soils being brought in,” the memo reads. “This process also slowed progress due to the site being listed as a Brownfield site and resulted in the additional 28 days being requested. The additional cost will be covered by the budgeted contingencies.”

With the changes implemented, the total contract length is 392 days and the contract’s “date of substantial completion” is March 27, 2023.