WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — The Wahington City Council effectively ended any consideration of using the second floor of the Peterson Building as a museum.

The council met Monday evening and voted against a bid to turn the second floor of the Grace Martin Harwell Senior Center into a museum for the city. Many have expressed their views against the museum there, from overcrowding to lack of parking.

Members of the Washington City Council and some city leaders met with the concerned citizens on July 18 to express those frustrations. Some people in Washington were worried the city may take away part of their senior center for the museum. City officials say that’s not the case.

City of Washington Manager Jonathan Russell said after that meeting, “I think we’ll continue to look for other potential museum spaces, looking at re-purposing something downtown or building something new at some other location. There was general consensus, they want to see a museum that would be beneficial, but they want to continue senior services.”