WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Did you know late singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett was no stranger to Eastern North Carolina?

Washington residents say over the years, he went to local restaurants and even had his boat built there. Back in 2017, while Buffett was visiting Washington, local artist Carol Mann painted a watercolor picture of Buffett’s boat.

“A friend of mine was out taking pictures while the boat was moored out front and he snapped a wonderful picture,” Mann said. “I asked him if I could paint it and he said yes, and here it is.”

After posting the painting on Facebook, Buffett’s team saw it and contacted her.

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT)

“I received a phone call from his assistant, named Joe, asking me if it was available,” Mann added. “He asked me how much did I want for it, and when I told him, he said ‘Pack it up and send it because Jimmy wants it.'”

Mann who has painted for 13 years, did not think her work would garner the attention of someone like Buffett.

“At first I was a little nervous but after a while, I decided this was a pretty exciting opportunity and so I’m really happy and proud that it went to Jimmy,” Mann said.

Since Buffett’s death, prints of the painting have been flying off the shelves at The Lemonade Gallery in Washington, where canvas and copies of the painting are. People are even on a waiting list to get the copies.

“It’s been just crazy here at the gallery selling canvas prints mostly,” she said. “I’ve put in three orders since Saturday but I’ve sold probably 40 prints over the, just this weekend.”

Mann says Buffett left a lasting impact on Washington’s community while visiting there.

“He frequented the restaurants a lot here while his boat was being built, that’s the reason he was here,” Mann added. “He frequented a lot of restaurants and people said he was down to earth and friendly. He’d walk down the street in his shorts and baseball cap and look like everyone else. He was just a relaxed kind of fella.”