WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Saturday was a perfect day to enjoy some music and get those feet moving because it was National Dance Day.

People of all ages converged on the Turnage Theatre in Washington to move their feet. National Dance Day is amazing and a great reason to get moving.

“Our whole motivation was to make dance inclusive and accessible for all Americans, to understand the joys of dance,” said Lianne Solina, the owner and a teacher for Solina Dance Productions. “Not only does it have physical benefits but also mental and emotional, and we were thrilled to be here.”

Different styles of dance at Solina Dance productions included salsa, ballet and jazz. Solina has been dancing since she could walk and now she passes that passion to others.

In themselves, see that they can try new things and really excel at it and find a new passion and not just in dance but applying those lessons and of life,” Solina said. “They come here with maybe some nervousness and anticipation and they leave glowing.

“Smiles, laughter and that’s what it’s all about, for us to really have them explore their inner person, to share it in a safe, positive space and to have them believe in themselves and share it with their community.”

It’s all to showcase what the dancers have learned and, of course, to have a fun time. Click here to learn more about Solina Dance Productions.