WASHINGTON, N.C. – In a significant boost to the Washington-Warren Airport, the Airport Authority is announcing the successful appropriation of $13.5 million in funding earmarked in the North Carolina State Budget for the 2023 – 2024 fiscal year.

Officials said the substantial financial investment is slated for the development of key infrastructure and state-of-the-art data center, and other facilities meticulously chosen by the Authority to bolster and stimulate Advance Air Mobility design, engineering, training, and manufacturing initiatives at the Washington-Warren Airport.

This financial milestone underscores both the dedication of the local community and the airport’s steadfast commitment to fostering the aerospace industry’s growth and job creation within Beaufort County.

The official announcement of this momentous achievement is scheduled to take place during the airport’s Air and Drone Show on October 14. During this event, Rep. Keith Kidwell is set to present a symbolic check to the members of the OCW Airport Authority.

“This is a landmark moment,” said Roy Whichard, chairman of the Washington-Warren Airport Authority. “Such a substantial investment is a testament to our commitment to community progress and the prospects it brings.”