GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Food trucks in Greenville are popular for both lunch and dinner. Many of them travel all over Eastern North Carolina which causes them to use a lot of gas. Now as gas prices hit an all-time high, it’s becoming harder for their businesses to stay afloat.

“It used to cost $60 to fill it up, now it’s teetering around $85,” Lenny Gordon, owner of the Jerk Truck.

Toy Alexander, owner of the Lottah Queso truck is feeling the same pain.

“We’re not making near as much as we used to with high gas prices,” Alexander said.

The high gas prices are making some of them raise the cost of food.

“We’ve gone up like two to three dollars on only certain menu items because we want to help our consumer, we know everyone is struggling,” Alexander said.

“I do have to raise my prices a little bit,” Gordon added. “But that’s also attributed to the price of food, and people want higher wages, so I gotta keep my employees happy, and now I gotta add the price of gas.”

It’s all in an effort to keep their small businesses alive.

“If it doesn’t go back down, we may to have start increasing prices just to make up for the gas it takes to run the food truck,” said Tee Lane with Reek’s Kitchen.

With the uncertainty of gas prices, one thing remains: the quality of food.

“We’ve heard the gas prices aren’t going down any time soon, but food is still going to be amazing, so there’s no shortage in that,” said Gordon.