What to expect this year after previous historic flu season

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Flu season is upon us and state and local officials are warning of how this year’s strand could impact you.

Just last week the North Carolina Division of Public Health reported the first flu death of the season in the central part of our state.

Now, doctors across North Carolina are saying don’t wait to get your shot.

Last year, we saw a record breaking flu season.

391 people died from the strand and became the highest death toll since it was a requirement to report deaths to health officials.

Of those, 290 people were over the age of 65 and 7 were under 18.

Local doctors are saying now isn’t the time to be afraid of the needle.

“If your immune system reacts to that flu shot, that’s a good sign that you’re protected” said Dr. John Morrow, Director of the Pitt County Health Department.

“If your arm gets sore and you get a little redness after that shot, that means your body is recognizing that virus and making antibodies against that virus and that’s a good sign you’re going to be protected.”

Officials say the peak season for North Carolina is between January and February.

This year, we’re seeing the return of the nasal spray as an alternative to the shot.

To avoid getting or spreading the flu, the Pitt County Health Department says to always stay home until you’re fever free for 24 hours, wash your hand frequently with warm water and soap, and cover your sneezes.

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