WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) When it comes to crime a town here in the east is one of the safest cities in the state for the next year. According to the FBI’s most recent crime reports Winterville is ranked 9th in the state.

People in Winterville tell 9 On Your Side’s Aaron Deane, that this ranking is huge for their town because this could potentially bring more opportunities for growth in the future.

“It’s huge”, said Stephen Penn, Economic Development Planner, Town of Winterville.

The town of Winterville has made a top 10 list for Safest Cities in the State.

“It’s really big for the community. Not only for the current residents but for future residents,” said Penn.

This ranking is based on the FBI’s most recent crime reports. Winterville is the only municipality east of interstate 95 to land on the list. Penn adds safety is attractive to tourists and future residents.

“It will bring more businesses. It’ll bring more residents,” said Penn.

Camille Stowe is the owner of Pampered Pooches in Downtown Winterville. She says safety plays a big roll in her business being successful.

“It’s important for my customers to feel safe coming here. It’s important for me personally to feel safe because just with working with money and things like that,” said Camille Stowe, Owner, Pampered Pooches.

Stowe’s pet grooming shop has been on Railroad Street for 5 years. She says in that time she never had an issue with crime.

“It makes me feel amazing. yeah it makes me feel really safe,” said Stowe.

Penn adds the future of the town is bright.

“Being able to say we’re the top ten safest cities in the state is a huge attraction to these potential residents,” said Penn