WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Better Together held its National Day of Second Chances Job Fairs throughout the nation Thursday afternoon. Ignite Church in Winterville hosted the Second Chances Job Fair for residents in Eastern North Carolina.

Event staff said Thursday’s function was designed to break down employment barriers such as homelessness, previous incarceration or resume gaps. The job fair featured potential employers who held on-the-spot interviews and hirings, giving hope to those struggling to break through impersonal and unforgiving algorithms of online job applications, according to Better Together staff.

“We have 650,000 inmates that get released from jail within a year, and they’re coming out to five times the unemployment rate, so this helps the economy and business owners,” said Better Together Partnerships Manager, Jessica Braemer.

The organization partners with local churches to host these events nationwide.

“It’s a day that we really celebrate people that need a second chance, who have so many times in life, have not been able to get one. we all know that as believers here in our church we believe that everyone has been given a second chance,” said Jared Mosely with Ignite Church.

Event attendees looking to bank that second chance said they are hopeful,

“A lot of people don’t have a lot of resources to see the different types of employers out here in Greenville, so having them all here in one spot is a really good thing for the community,” said Declaya Cooper.

“I really feel fortunate. I hope that I will actually get a chance out here,” said Latifah Goram. “It’s called a second chance job fair so I’m hoping I will find the job that is available for me.”

Potential employers like Richard Williams said the event is mutually beneficial.

“Maybe find somebody here that would be willing to come to work and put in some hard work to start their career and learn new things,” Williams said.

“We do help people with disabilities find jobs, and so to me, that’s giving them a chance, not even a second chance because it could be their first chance landing a job,” said potential employer, Lisa Taylor.