WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) -The Town of Winterville is growing.

There are nine development projects either under construction or preparing for construction to start. It’s all being done to match the steady population growth of that part of Pitt County.

Economic Development Coordinator for the Town of Winterville, Stephen Penn, said Pitt County’s growth is a good sign.

“Winterville, Ayden, Greenville. Pitt County as a whole is just moving in a really good direction, and when I say that, I don’t mean they’re just growing, but it’s quality growth, that I think is really attracting more families, more young professionals, more people to the area,” Penn said.

“Growing at a steady rate of between one and two percent is something that’s really exciting for this area because that is the growth rate you really want to stay at.”

The projects vary from both single-family detached and attached to townhomes. Mayor of Winterville Ricky Hines said more developments mean more people which could mean more economic growth.

“The more people we can get here, that makes retailers and everyone else give us a second look, say ‘Hey, we want to be a part of Winterville too,” Hines said.

Projects like Eleven at Main, a development with more than 100 planned units, could strengthen downtown businesses, Penn said.

“We’re really excited about them coming to Winterville, having more patrons to the downtown area, bringing more businesses as well and just bringing more people to Winterville,” said Penn.

Town officials said they were also working on new projects that would provide housing closer to Pitt Community College, as well as places like Eli’s Ridge, which will add more housing options to Winterville. Penn said it would encourage more people to move to the area.

“All of these projects are neighborhoods that bring a little bit of something new to the area, a little bit of variety in housing, the type of housing,” said Penn.