WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Now that spring is officially here, gardens will be the talk of the town.

If you’re looking for indoor or outdoor plants, you may want to check out Plant and See. The agricultural store has been in Pitt County since the 1970s and is still operating within a local family.

“My dad still works seven days a week, he’s the grower,” said Lindsay Lassiter Ryan, co-owner of Plant and See Nursery.

At Plant and See, plants can change hourly depending on the demand for the type. Annuals and perennials flow in and out of the store regularly.

“Right now is a really great time to get your trees and shrubs in the ground. You can plant perennials right now,” said Lassiter.

The last average frost date is April 15th.

All the plants you see at the store are grown in greenhouses within Pitt County and are watered by hand. In total, there are about 40 greenhouses that help grow the plants. Not only are there many plants, but there are also quite a few self-care items, jewelry, and knickknacks sold at the store.

“A lot of what I’m buying lately is small business, woman-owned, local artists that I can find,” said Lindsay.

To find out more about plants, watch the video above.