WINTERVILLE, NC. (WNCT) — A new mural in Winterville is seen not only as art but as a way to end the negative stigmas and stereotypes against people of color.

People Against Racism is an organization to end discrimination against people of color. On Saturday, the group unveiled its mural at Hillcrest Park. The words “People Against Racism” were painted on the roadway in big, bright capital yellow letters for all to see.

“My therapy is helping other people, and that’s where I’m able to smile,” said Pastor Darron Carmon, the founder of People Against Racism.

Carmon founded the organization after being wrongfully convicted in the late 1990s. Since his exoneration, he says it is his mission to end negative stigmas and stereotypes against people of color.

“I wanted the world to realize that we are businessmen, that we are professionals, we are not thugs, we are not gang members,” Carmon said. “I wanted to cut into the stereotype of the typical black male because a lot of people think that color is criminal.”

Carmon explained further why it was important to have these visuals in his hometown.

“We can’t get people to treat us differently if they don’t see us differently, and so that is the objective of putting visuals up,” Carmon said. “They can begin to see us different and challenge whatever it is they have in their mind about black and brown individuals that’s not right.”

Thomas Little Carmon’s son and the model featured on the mural. He said fighting stereotypes is an ongoing battle.

“Racism is yet alive, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not real,” Little said. “We experience it every single day of our lives, so it’s a real thing.”

People at Saturday’s event said the fight against racism is far from over but this is a good start.