You have until this fall to get your REAL ID


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) Changes to your license and ID cards will soon take effect.

This fall is you don’t have what’s called a REAL ID you could run into issues while traveling. If you try to board a plane, you won’t be able to get past TSA.

The REAL ID Act was passed by congress in 2005 after a recommendation from the 9-11 Commission.

They wanted to put in place national security standards for state driver’s licenses and ID cards. Enforcing it has been a challenge.

Now there is a push to make sure Americans have a compliant REAL ID card by this October. But, federal leaders say numbers are low.

“Unfortunately right now we’re about at a 35 percent of ID’s that we see out there in circulation are real ID’s, so that’s a relatively low number as we look towards October 2020. We believe that you know states had 14 years as you indicated, ranking member, to roll this out. We believe that’s enough time. This is a security issue,” said Chad Wolf, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security

North Carolina is a REAL ID compliant state.

The card will be required for you to board a plane, enter a federal building, nuclear power plants, or a military base. According to NCDMV you do not need the REAL ID to drive, vote, or apply for and receive federal benefits.

“Individuals that are wanting to fly commercially in October 2020 need to have a real ID. They need to see that star on that driver’s license to do that,” said Wolf

The Federal ID requirement takes place on October 1, 2020. Everyone is encouraged to get one now. You can apply at your local DMV Driver’s License locations.

Later this month the DMV will host REAL ID Express Days all over the state. One will happen in Greenville on March 21st. For Location and time CLICK HERE.

For more information on the REAL ID and to get more of your questions answered you can visit Homeland Security’s website by clicking HERE.

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