Isabel Albritton

Isabel Albritton

Isabel Albritton, an Angelo State University graduate, has been with the WNCT News team since October 2018.

While working on a communications degree that focused on radio and television, she worked as the managing editor and writer for the student-run university newspaper, the Rampage.

Isabel moved through the ranks at KLST/KSAN News Station in San Angelo, Texas, where she started out as a college student working camera and audio in the control room. After graduation she was hired as a reporter and multimedia journalist, before being promoted to KSAN's weekend anchor/weekly reporter.

While Isabel has a strong desire to report hard news, she recognizes the need to show the community that good things and good people do exist. She strives to illustrate these points with local feel-good features.

Many may be surprised to learn that Isabel earned a minor in Spanish and dreams of possibly anchoring in both languages in the future.

Isabel’s passion away from work is dance. Her abilities earned her a scholarship and a spot on ASU’s Angelettes high kick drill team. Isabel is also a proud alumni of ASU’s chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority.

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