5 planets will be visible in the night sky this month!

Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn will be the easiest to spot in the western sky just after sunset. Jupiter is the brightest of the bunch and Mars & Saturn can be seen in a visible triangle with the bright star Antares. These three planets will be visible through the month of July.

Mercury and Venus will be a little tougher to spot since they are low in the sky.

At the beginning of the month, they’ll be low in the glare of the evening twilight in the western sky and will set shortly after the sun. Your best bet may be to wait until the middle of the month, when Mercury and Venus will be slightly higher in the sky. You should be able to view these two planets in the western sky for a brief time each night about 30 minutes after sunset, especially during the middle and end of the month.

– Meteorologist Pierce Legeion

Pierce Legeion is a meteorologist and digital journalist for WNCT 9 First Alert Weather.

Courtesy: EarthSky.org