Principal: Adah and Noah Lesslie were smart, caring, and driven children


(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A community continues to grieve the loss of two children and their grandparents in York County. Adah and Noah are being remembered for their kind and caring spirit.

Cherry Park Elementary School Principal Maness said Adah and Noah were very involved students.

“Adah was competitive, bright, she was a great reader. But at the same time of being competitive, she wanted others to win as well. She cared a lot about her friends as well as about the environment. She was just such a sharp little girl who had a great future ahead of her,” Maness said.

Little Noah was fairly new to Cherry Park Elementary School but it is clear he made an impact on those around him there.

“Noah was a fun kid, Noah had lots of good energy, cared about his friends and his teachers as well. He was always blowing kisses to them and telling his teachers, you know, this is the best day ever. Today’s a great day. So he was just a ton of fun as a little guy always ready to learn coming in first thing in the morning,” Maness said.

Maness said the school will be bringing in outside resources to help students cope with the loss.

“On Monday, and throughout all of next week, there will be extra guidance counselors, school therapists, school psychologists, that will be available to our students,” Maness said.

Despite the tragic loss, this community has suffered, Maness believes they will get through this difficult time.

“What we have found over the years is that when kids experience grief or loss, they work through a very similar process as the adults do. And the truth of the matter is, we will be a school family together, we will be a community family,” he said.

Principal Maness said Cherry Park Elementary has made all the parents at the school aware of what happened to the Lesslie children. He said now all we can really do is hold hands and pray for all the families involved.

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