A Loving Home: A Family’s Difference


Meet 27 year old Trestan, who made the decision to step up to the plate and adopt a family member in need of permanency. His younger cousin Tyreal says it has been his biggest blessing. It’s an adoption success story, but most importantly it was an adoption that never broke family ties. 

Trestan is hardworking and the epitome of a family man. A few years ago, his great uncle passed away. He didn’t know what happened to his great-uncle’s kids after he died. 

Vicky Dithane helped connect Trestan to his cousin Tyreal. She sent out letters to family members. 

Trestan says, “Everybody got these letters, I didn’t get one, but I heard about it, everyone getting these letters, about a family member, and nobody did anything about it.”

Dithane says she remembers Trestan’s courage very well. 

“Then later on I get a phone call from Trestan and he said you know  i waited for the rest of my family to decide to step up to the plate, and I’m sorry Miss Vicky that someone hasn’t, but I’d like to do that,” recalls Dithane.

Trestan says he was confident that he’d be the right man for this adoption.

Now at 15, Tyreal reflects back on the emotions he was feeling after learning a cousin he never knew he had, was willing to adopt him. 

“I was happy, but kind of cautious,” says Tyreal.

Trestan says, “Family’s very important for the simple fact that my father wasn’t in my life. I never found my father until I was 21, so I always told myself that I would never do my kids like that.”

Tyreal says  his older cousin gave him a second chance.

“Mostly because I didn’t really want to be in the children’s home, I wanted to be out in the world, just wanted to be out in the world…in a real house, instead moving from houses with kids, some kids I didn’t even know.”

When connecting children with family members they need to be a person or couple who is willing to provide love, consistency, and stability. The adoption process between the cousins lasted close to 8 months to be completed. 

During filming, it was Dithane’s two year reunion of seeing this family; and it was an emotional one.

“It’s beautiful and what I’m thinking of is, sitting in the courtroom and hearing the judge stand up and say, I’ve counted it an honor to have met you young man, and I think you guys are gonna do fantastic job and I think your gonna be a great father to this young man. And to me that’s priceless,” Dithane says.

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