A Loving Home: Chandra


Whether it’s singing, spoken word or her contagious laugh, 16-year-old Chandra is very vocal about wanting a forever family. 

“I’ve been singing since I was like nine, and I’ve been writing since I was 13,” says Chandra.

At 16 years old, Chandra has faced more challenges than your average teen. Coming from a rough upbringing, she’s been able to channel her emotions and talent through her voice.

“Like if I’m mad or something like that, I’ll just write, or if I’m sad, I’ll write, it just helps me cope,” explains Chandra.

Her caseworker Jennifer Bailey has been witnessing her talent grow for the past year.

“I love to hear her sing, so that’s why I’ll just turn down the radio to listen to her, and her poetry, it’s mesmerizing,” says Bailey. 

Chandra is creative and very unique. Her creativity also fuels her passion for art and she hopes to become a tattoo artist one day or cosmetologist. 

The ideal family for Chandra would be one with a solid foundation. A loving and nurturing home that will provide Chandra with the support of her future. A family that will dedicate time to listen to her and support her with her ideas and goals.

Chandra knows time is against her.

“I’m going to age out soon, and I don’t want to be 18, knowing I don’t have a family, it’s going to suck, ” expresses Chandra. 

“They’re gonna have a lot of joy, and just laugh, just a lot of good times with Chandra, she’s so funny, she’s a great person, she just has a bubbly personality, and she would just bring a whole bunch of joy into your life,” Bailey says. 

And there’s one hope Chandra has.

“I’m not the only kid out there that needs a family. If I don’t get a family, I hope someone else does.”

If you are interested in learning more on adopting Chandra you can call Children’s Home Society of North Carolina at 919-600-8757 or visit their website at www.CHSNC.org

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