A Loving Home: Ja’Kerah


12 year old Ja’Kerah is a funny, creative young girl who is looking for a forever family. Her case worker Katie LeMaire has been working with Ja’Kerah for a few months now. 

“Ja’Kerah is a child that you need to meet more than one time to get her full personality. She’s very stand offish, she’s very cautious, but once she gets to know you she has a smile that won’t quit. Absolutely stunning. She’s funny. She likes to talk, she’s great at getting her needs met. She needs something, she will tell you she needs something. So I think that is such a plus with children,” McNair says.

Ja’Kerah enjoys math anad science, but her true passion is embracing her creative side. WNCT’s Angie Quezada spent the day painting some pottery with Ja’Kerah. But she hopes to take her talents to the runway becoming a fashion designer. 

“Her biggest strength is she’s a real leader, she has not had a lot of opportunities to take the lead in things, but she definitely has leader qualities. If you see her around other children, she’s the one keeping them in order, lining them up,” explains McNair.

McNair also adds that Ja’Kerah would do best with a mom and a dad or a very strong mom.

“She needs to have a mom figure in her life; Other children, she loves younger children, but again, she would do well being the only child or the youngest.  Just because of her needs and her trauma, she will require a little more attention,” McNair says.

Ja’Kerah does have a younger sister named Na’Jeeyah that she would love to be adopted with.

“However their agency feels, since they both have some strong needs, they would separate them in different homes as long as the families were willing to maintain that contact and that bond that they have,” explains McNair.

Katie McNair is confident that Ja’Kerah will bring so much love to her forever family.

” I think Ja’Kerah, given the opportunity, could really bloom, she has not had a lot of opportunity to do many different things, and I think if given that opportunity, I think we would see her grow and flourish even more than what she is.”

If you are interested in learning more on adopting Ja’Kerah, you can call Children’s Home Society of North Carolina at 919-600-8757 or visit their website at www.CHSNC.org

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