GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – 9 On Your Side told you about the non-profit organization benefiting from the Jaycee’s Fourth of July vendors.

Aces for Autism is a local Greenville based organization working with families affected by autism.

This group currently helps over 20 families from all around the East, providing learning and one on one treatment from full time staff and volunteers.

The money will benefit things such as their financial aid program.

Organization leaders said some families they work with have little to no insurance and struggle when it comes to paying bills.

The ultimate goal is to not turn anybody away and to create a positive difference in family’s lives.

Officials said when people think about autism they only think about the kid – yet autism affects the whole family.

“The biggest joy for Aces for Autism is when the parents come pick up their child,” said board President Kyle Robinson. “That parent has that smile and the parents come to you and give you a big hug and say thank you you’re making a difference in our child’s life that is huge.”

Some of the activities at the organization range from board games, learning ABC’s and playing at the playground.

If you want to learn more about Aces for Autism or find out how you can help head to their website.