RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Activists banded together on Monday to urge North Carolina lawmakers to keep certain protections in place when getting a handgun permit.

As it stands right now, someone applying for a handgun in the state has to go to their local sheriff’s office for a permit. Part of that process includes a background check.

“The pistol permit purchasing system is so important because our federal background check system only applies if you’re buying a gun from a federally licensed dealer,” said Becky Ceartas with North Carolinians Against Gun Violence.

Last week, the North Carolina Senate passed a bill that would repeal the law.

“That means if you’re a convicted felon, somebody experiencing a mental health crisis, a minor, domestic violence abuser, you can go to a gun show or online and buy a gun, no questions asked,” Ceartas said.

Some Republican lawmakers, though, disagree.

“We do not believe that the concerns that have been raised are concerns that are going to be played out,” Senator Phil Berger said.

Some lawmakers say gun owners are in favor of the repeal, but Second Amendment activists we heard from say the extra steps to get a gun in North Carolina are appropriate.

“It does not interfere with any gun owner rights,” Johnny Shaw, one activist, said. “It is not a burden.”

Activists say now it’s on lawmakers to listen to the concerns of citizens and work to keep them safe.

“Our communities are crying out, they are looking toward you to make decisions for them because they have elected you,” Aprie’la Warren said.

The bill next heads to the House.