RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Affordable housing is one of the biggest concerns in the City of Raleigh.

With that growing need, the big question is — where can people afford to live?

A new city program aims to make Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) more affordable.

(Chloe Rafferty/CBS 17)

“I know for me personally, when I was first starting out in my career ten years ago, I was trying to find something affordable I could rent,” said At-Large City Councilman Jonathan Melton, who is vocal about his support for the program.

The new Accessory Dwelling Unit Fast Track Program will make it easier to build one of the units.

Unlike tiny homes, they stand on the same property as the primary residence — either attached to the home or separate.

City officials say their building team will review plans for the home ahead of time, making the process faster and cheaper.

Homeowners can then use it for rentals, aging kids, elderly parents or family and friends.

“They love the flexibility it gives them, passive income on a monthly basis,” said Dexter Tillett a co-owner of Tiny Homes Raleigh, one of the builders through the program. “But even if they don’t rent it out you can use it for an office, a gym, just extra space when you have friends and family coming over.”

Councilmembers hope the program gives people another option when looking for affordable housing.

“More people are moving here and we have to give everybody options,” Councilman Melton said. “Not everybody can afford a single family home. Not everyone can afford an apartment in one of the newer apartment buildings. So providing a menu of options for home ownership, for rental, accessible at different price points, I think that’s really important.”

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