KINSTON, NC (WNCT) — Kinston resident Quarla Blackwell said since the start of this year, a pack of stray dogs has made for a dangerous situation in one part of the city.

The strays have killed upwards of 15 pets in the neighborhood where she lives. That includes two of her own dogs. Blackwell has turned to city officials for answers.

“I feel like those dogs belong to the city … they’re attacking people on city streets, they’re killing these animals on city streets, and they have no rightful owner, so who do the dogs belong to? You know they’re creating a problem on city streets then get them off the city streets,” said Blackwell.

The city said Kinston Animal Control is made up of one police officer, under the direction of the Kinston Police Department. Blackwell said city officials’ response to the issue is long overdue.

“I have no close family, these dogs are my close family, they’re all I got pretty much. I feel like the city should be held responsible for some of this stuff,” Blackwell said.

9OYS asked Kinston Chief of Police Keith Goyette if residents that fell victim to the strays should be expecting compensation from the city.

“No, the police department nor the city, as far as I know, will be compensating anybody for their loss … that’s not going to be our responsibility,” Goyette said. “These dogs that are conducting business the way they are, don’t belong to people, they’re transient dogs, they’re wild dogs,” said Goyette.

Goyette shared with 9OYS that the police department plans to apprehend the dogs using traps and catch poles by the end of this week.