Giant pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni enjoyed a host of birthday treats at their home in Adelaide Zoo, South Australia, to celebrate their 18th and 17th birthdays.

Footage released by the zoo shows male Wang Wang plunging into a “Tutti Frutti” scented bath.

The pair were also treated to other enrichment activities including cardboard boxes themed like an Asian food market.

Fu Ni, the female of the pair, turned 17 on August 23, while Wang Wang will turn 18 on August 31.

“Giant Pandas have a very good sense of smell and so the herbs tucked inside the enrichment boxes allow the pandas to forage, snuffle and explore to find the source,” Dr Phil Ainsley said.

“Pandas also love to swim, so a bath is an opportunity to enjoy some water time. The scented bubble bath is also an opportunity to use their nose,” Ainsley added.

Fu Ni and Wang Wang have been at Adelaide Zoo since 2009, and are the only giant pandas in Australasia, the zoo said.