GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Thursday is “National Kids and Pets Day.”

It’s a day dedicated to choosing the right pet for your child. There are a lot of factors that can do into picking a new pet. Kids, and some parents too, can get caught up in the excitement of a new pet without fully thinking things through.

Before you bring home that new family member, there are things you should consider.

Do you have the space for your chosen pet? Think about the largest size your pet will get. Do you have enough room? Even the smallest pet needs space to stretch its legs.

Veterinary care costs money. Are you financially prepared for it? If you’re choosing a more exotic pet, do research about vets in the area. It wouldn’t be good to get a snake or a lizard and find out the nearest vet that specializes in reptiles is an hour away.

A huge factor is what your child wants when it comes to a pet. Do they want a constant companion to grow and play with? Do they want something unique but more hands-off? Have conversations with your kids about what they want.

Also, consider your child’s temperament. Some pets like hamsters, smaller dogs, rats or turtles can’t be handled the way larger dogs can. If your child is typically more energetic and hands-on, they might benefit from a bigger, hardier pet. A calmer, more laidback kid may be able to enjoy something a little fragile.

All of these factors combine to help you narrow down what the ideal pet for your family might be.

GCAS is holding an “Empty the Shelter” event starting Tuesday, if you’re looking for a new friend you can name your own price and help avoid overcrowding at your local shelter.