KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Nine On Your Side Investigates has been following the updates of a pack of vicious dogs in Kinston.

Since we first brought you the story in February, one city councilman is calling on his colleagues to develop a plan to control the strays once and for all.

During Tuesday evening’s Kinston City Council work session, Councilman Chris Suggs called on the council to develop a committee to address the nuisance dogs. Suggs acknowledged the steps the city has already taken to control the strays, but said they need to be more aggressive in their pursuit.

“So my request to council is that as a way to further examine this issue, research and develop some solutions to our animal control issues, particularly around vicious nuisance and stray dogs,” Suggs said.

Kinston resident Chris Patterson said he was just recently attacked by who he believes is the mother of the pack.

“And then she just charged full on at me and I hit her with a stick and ran in the house,” Patterson said. “I walk through [the neighborhood] sometimes and even when I ride my bike, they chase me and attack me. This is already my third incident with these dogs.”

Residents like Patterson say they have been harassed by the dogs for too long. The question is, when will the strays committee be established and take effect in the city? Mayor Don Hardy said it’s in the works but there isn’t an established timeline.

“The controlling piece of the dogs, there’s no timeframe on that, however, it’s what we can put together, it’s going to be impactful; how long it’s going to take as far as the committee and who is needed,” Hardy said. “Hopefully we can get that done very swiftly.”

Kinston Police Chief, Keith Goyette, adds, “I think a lot of what we’re facing is when you’re trying to capture animals, sometimes they’re smart and they know not to get in the cage, the real issue is that we just have a lot of animals in the city.”