GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Exotic animal lovers from all over the region came to the Greenville Convention Center Saturday afternoon for the Mid-Atlantic Reptile Expo.

Event vendors had the opportunity to showcase and sell their animals. One vendor told WNCT his favorite part of the expo is being able to educate people on reptiles and how to care for them.

“We bring different types of snakes and lizards and at the same time behind us you’ll see we have a ton of dry goods as well so it’s a one-stop shop,” said Tony Lee, owner of Reptile Zone. “A lot of these guys here are here to have a good time, we get to meet each other, we travel from state to state and it’s like a brother-sister thing, we bond and get to know each other a lot.”

Although named the “Reptile Expo,” the event also hosted amphibians for guests to enjoy by either learning about them or taking them home as a new pet. The expo also hosted food trucks for families to enjoy during their time browsing the different animals.