GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) — North Carolina is the fifth best place to work with animals in the United States, based on a collection of data analyzed by DollarGeek.

A compilation of salary information for caretakers, vets and trainers was taken into account as well as the average employment in those jobs and the number of job listings on Indeed in each state.

The average salary of an individual working with animals in North Carolina is $52,215 with 21.42% of that salary going to rent.

The best state in the U.S. for working with animals is Maine with an average salary of $53,748 and 19.49% of that spent on rent. There are approximately 93 animal job postings for every 10,000 Indeed listings.

North Carolina placed higher in that specific category with 100 animal job listings for every 10,000 Indeed listings.

The national average for employed people working with animals is one in 1,000. North Carolina bested that average as well since 1.11 people in the state were employed to work with animals.

Hawaii stands as the worst state for animal work, the report indicated.