JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — An Onslow County woman is asking for the public’s help with caring for her 200 cats, a number that continues to grow.

Phyllis Ferraro started with just one cat ten years ago, and now it’s turned into over 200. She has about 28 inside of her house, the rest are outside.

Her close friend reached out to 9OYS saying that when people drop the cats off at Ferraro’s doorstep, she can’t turn them away. Even after asking for help from local animal shelters and non-profits, she is still continuing her best effort to care for the growing population.

“She is really struggling, so I really want to get the story out. So she saw her living conditions improve, and these cats especially receive, you know, the treatment that they truly need and the compassion.,” Wilma Gershome said.

Ferraro said her ultimate goal is to get them all fixed and to hopefully find some of them new and loving homes.

If you’re interested in helping the cause, contact elbows.mom12c@gmail.com.