FORT FISHER, N.C. (WNCT) — Three otters named Gemma, Kai and Ren have had overwhelming support from the community and are now the three newest Asian small-clawed otter pups at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

People voted during a week-long period to choose the pups’ names that were born on Jan. 31. More than 7,000 people voted online to pick new names for them.

Gemma is a female pup and was the first to open her eyes, while also being the loudest of the three. Kai is a larger male pup and enjoys naps. Ren is also a male who is the smallest of the litter but is meeting his milestones quickly.

“We are so inspired by the thousands of people who have voted to name these new pups. Every moment that we can spend sharing their story is critical to saving this vulnerable species. We hope that the awareness it brings to everyone who voted will turn into individual conservation action,” says Shannon Anderson, NCAFF, aquarist and lead otter keeper.

The name recommendations came from aquarium volunteers and honored the pups’ native habitats of Indonesia, the Philippines, southern China, southeast Asia, and southern India.

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