KINSTON, NC (WNCT) — A pack of wild stray dogs in east Kinston began attacking neighborhood pets in February, which left residents asking the city for help.

The Lenoir County SPCA is now in custody of four puppies from the pack. The SPCA said that they needed flea removal, tick removal and deworming but are now recovering and up for adoption.

“We are accepting applications. These will need some special patience. They are still afraid, so you will need to be approved to get them,” said Lenoir County SPCA Manager Tiffinie Jarmin.

She said that it was important that they ensure the puppies go to homes with people that have time to work with them. They also don’t want the puppies to go to homes where people don’t lot of experience and wind up back in the shelter.

“We want to set the puppies and the families up for success,” said Jarmin. The SPCA wants to try to put the puppies in well-suited homes the first time around because, “it really messes with them to have them go home then have to come back to the shelter.”

The Lenoir County SPCA does not have the mother of the puppies, but they are being treated and trained to acclimate to people and new surroundings.

For more information about adopting with Lenoir County SPCA click here.