GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A complex in Pitt County has won the “North Carolina Great Place for a Healthy Living” award. It’s off County Home Road.

Something is needed to truly make it a spot for healthy living.

Many cannot access the County Home complex, awarded for providing opportunities for healthy living.

“We offer resources here, but people can’t get here. So it’s kind of like, ‘Hey come we want you to come, but you figure out how to get here,'” said Rich Zeck, executive director of the Pitt County Council on Aging.

Zeck added that some who want to use the complex can’t, because public transportation stops about a mile down the road.

“This has been an issue for 10 years. And now that we win this award, everyone wants to hop on the bandwagon that it’s a great destination, but again, it’s not a great destination for many people because they can’t get here,” Zeck said.

The Great Bus doesn’t come near the complex. Some, are focused on using alternatives.

James Wilson, a resident, walks to the complex every day.

“For me, I don’t have a way of getting here when there’s bad weather because I don’t walk in the rain or nothing like that,” said Wilson.

For many, walking to the complex just isn’t an option.

“You can’t get everywhere you need to go, so that’s why it’s hard to get around Greenville period,” said Carolyn Jackson, who comes to the Council on Aging. “This is a great jewel, but it’s only a great place for people who can get here so we’re limiting who can actually use these facilities out here.”

A Great Bus transit manager said they will look at expanding the bus route to include that area.