Ayden library renovations to better serve community


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – The Quinerly-Olschner library has made some necessary renovations to its building.

It’s to better help serve the community and this round of renovations go from new floors to a brand new porch.

Library officials say the purposes of the renovations are to better serve the community.

They want to become a place for book, but also a place where patrons can come, hang out, and relax.

Patrons can expect a wide variety of things from new sections of the library, improved Wi-Fi areas, and new Wi-Fi hotspots outside of the building.

Librarians tell me that most of their patrons find the library to be a necessity in Ayden because they aren’t able to have access to things like computers or printers.

The employees also say that with the new renovations, they have already seen an increase of popularity in the library.

“A lot of our patrons don’t have the capability of going into Greenville,” says Librarian Rachelle Mondovich. “They stay local they either ride bicycles or walk, a lot of them do not have access to the internet at home.”

Librarians also hope that even when the library closes, community members will still come out and take advantage of their Wi-Fi and brand new porch facilities.

They hope within the upcoming months to be a place where they can conduct community workshops, a resume constructing facility, and a place where Ayden residents can call home.

The renovations were made possible with money from Pitt County and through independent fundraisers.

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