Bad weather and lots of travelers causing flight delays nationwide

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GREENVILLE, NC (WCNT)- More than 100 million people across the country will travel during Christmas and New Years. With the number of people traveling and bad weather in certain areas, there are thousands of delays. There are around 1,000 delays and 100 cancellations nationwide. Some of those coming from PGV, but travelers say the delays aren’t going to ruin their Christmas spirit.

“They took care of me so I actually got upgraded, so it was actually a Christmas blessing today,” traveler Brianne Hamilton said.

Nada Jones who was waiting on family, “So many people flying and then with the bad weather across the country, which I know has delayed a lot of flights, it’s just part of what you have to do.”

The trend of flight delays nationwide made its way to Greenville. The Jones family says their son and grandson’s flight from Charlotte was delayed.

“It was originally supposed to get here at 12:24, and now I think it’s 1:45,”Jones said.

Another traveler, Brianne Hamilton, is experiencing much of the same thing.

Her flight was delayed more than two hours.

She says it bothered her at first, but there’s nothing she can do about it.

Hamilton said, “I get a little more time with my family, so that’s okay.”

Hamilton’s father, Jeff Furst, says delays during the holidays are inevitable, and having patience is key.

“If it goes well it’s great, but if it doesn’t it’s fine,” Furst said.

Flights aren’t the only thing backed up. Don’t be surprised if you see some traffic on the roads. Troopers say with last minute shoppers, and people coming in and out of the county, some areas specifically, Greenville Boulevard, will be bumper to bumper.

Sergeant Gary Weaver, “Just slow your vehicle down, especially in the rain, but heavy traffic reduce your following distance on Greenville boulevard or any congested area like that, give yourself time to stop.”

Sergeant Weaver wants to remind you not to drink and drive during the holiday season. As for the flights, there are no more scheduled to leave from here tonight. The active weather, combined with the number of travelers could cause more delays and cancellations Friday, so make sure to check your flight status before leaving for the airport.

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