Beaufort Co. first responders brave floods to check on residents


CHOCOWINITY, N.C. (WNCT) – Despite flooding in Beaufort County, first responders still made their way into different areas to make sure people were okay during the storm.

In some areas in the county, flood waters were several feet deep. First responders said by getting into the flooded areas, they were also able to see what conditions were like in case they got a call.

“We just want to make sure everybody is safe going to, during a call, and then come back from the call,” said Brian Lanning, a captain with Chocowinity Fire.

While crews remained busy in the county, some people who lived in flooded neighborhoods made the most of the situation. For some, that meant paddling a kayak down what normally would be a street.

Others said they are taking the flood seriously.

“I slept in my truck last night on the hill just because I wasn’t sure how high it [the water] was going to get,’ said Bruce Shampoe.

Shampoe said many of his neighbors remained in their homes because they have outlasted plenty of storms in the past.

However, Lanning said he still hopes everyone is taking this situation seriously, as it doesn’t take much water on the roadway to sweep away a car.

“We are just making sure that we’re following all our rules to the ‘T’, we have the proper gear, the proper equipment that we carry with us,” Lanning said.

Beaufort County is debating whether to make the flooded areas disaster zones, which would make it illegal for anyone to go into them unless they were a first responder or lived there.

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