BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) — After four years in construction, the Beaufort high rise bridge will officially be opening this weekend.The bridge broke ground in April of 2014, but was only just completed.Beaufort’s Mayor Rett Newton said the changing traffic patterns could impact your weekend drive.“Travelers are going to see different traffic pattern changes from Friday to Saturday to Sunday,’ said Newton. “So we ask that they be vigilant and drive safely as these traffic changes occur.”The traffic changes may take some getting used to, but Mayor Newton said it’s for the best.“While this will be a near-term challenge for us, ultimately Beaufort is going to become a more walkable, bikeable, and livable community,” said Newton. But opening the new bridge also means closing the old Beaufort drawbridge that was built sixty years ago, which is something residents like John Baker will have to get used to.“We’re going to miss the drawbridge,” said Baker. “Only because we live on radio island and we like to walk across it to go to Beaufort. Now we’ll have to take a car. but again, just like with everything else, we’ll get used to it.”The new bridge means greater access to the East, and residents say four years was a long enough wait.The old drawbridge will be torn down and the cleared area will be used to make a park.