Better Business Bureau warns of new medicare card scams


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are officially distributing new medicare cards to North Carolina residents.

The Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern North Carolina says these new cards are opening the door for scammers.

In 2017 an alarming 60 billion dollars was lost to medicare fraud.

The BBB says the best way to avoid getting scammed is knowing how the switch works.

All of the cards will be mailed at no cost to your address on file.

Any type of phone call regarding the cards are a scam.

A common scam is someone attempting to upgrade your card to a plastic one, but all cards are now paper.

The BBB highly recommends to know the differences.

“The new cards no longer contain the beneficiary social security number,” said Kayla Gilbert of the Better Business Bureau.

“They will have a unique 11 digit number but it’s still important to guard your card and only take it when you need it.”

As soon as you get your new card in the mail, destroy the other one, but don’t just toss it in the trash, make sure you shred it.

Lastly, make sure your new card is in a safe location in your house.

If someone asks for your personal information make sure to always report it.

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