Beulaville church lost to Floyd flooded again during Matthew


BEULAVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – For members of the Hallsville Presbyterian Church, seeing damage to the inside of their church in Beulaville is nothing new.

The congregation lost their church during Hurricane Floyd and have now lost it again after flood waters from Hurricane Matthew seeped into the church, even covering the sign out front.

“With the forecast for Saturday approaching the levels of Floyd, we were able to contact many of our congregation and community, and we had about 150 people to help us remove all of the furnishings,” said Mark Houston, the church’s pastor. “Thank God that was done because it minimized our damage.”

As the flood waters began receding, church members were able to survey the damage and start cleaning up.

“We were able to get all of the carpet out and mop up the water and let it dry up,” said Houston. “We think this is going to be an opportunity for us to come closer as a church and as family and as a community.”

Before they rebuild, they must wait for insurance claims to come through.

Hallsville Presbyterian didn’t have flood insurance during Floyd, but it did this time. Houston said they’re looking at the experience as a set up for better things.

“We know we’re going to make it through this,” Houston said. “We have been through this before, and God’s in control.”

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