SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A new bill could allow county governments in South Carolina to impose an additional $500 fee for newcomers in the state.

This new bill was proposed because lawmakers wanted to ensure that new residents pay their share for the infrastructure in South Carolina.

The bill is being dubbed the “Yankee Tax”.

Republican Senator Stephen Goldfinch introduced the bill that the Senate Finance Committee recently approved.

The bill would make newcomers pay an additional $500 for a new license and registration.

Voters could approve it through a county referendum during a general election cycle.

Lawmakers who opposed the new bill said it could prevent people from moving to the state. However, Senator Goldfinch said people would still move here for the low property tax rates.

“We have a serious issue in South Carolina, especially in high-growth counties, where our quality of life is being diminished,” Senator Goldfinch said. “Because of the high growth, we’re just not able to keep up with the infrastructure, the schools, the roads, the bridges, the utilities, and the green space that we need in order to keep our quality of life.”

Potential funds from the new tax would go to infrastructure, public education and green space conservation.

Now the bill heads to the Senate floor.